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Dr. Tom Barrett  
During the GOP Convention Navy Seal hero Marcus Luttrell abandoned his prepared speech and got real with the audience. He said “To the next generation, your war is here, you don't have to find it.” 

Those are powerful words. For decades our troops have been fighting terrorism abroad. There is no doubt that America would prefer to take the fight to them, to root them out of their caves and rat holes - and to let the professional soldiers do the hard work of protecting us. But due to the weakness of our leaders our military has not been allowed to do their jobs, and the terrorists have brought the war to us.

We are in a war. Our military has not been able to win it overseas. Our police cannot win it here without the help of patriots. Like it or not, our war is here. We will either step up and fight it every inch of the way, or one day we will see our nation become part of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. More...
Special Commentary
Charles Thomas Dennis, Ph.D.  
The decline and fall of America that we are experiencing today, orchestrated by the Federal Government, is advanced by one simple ploy: 
suppress Christianity and morality. The Founders and Framers were convinced that three areas affecting social stability are essential for liberty to prevail; religion, morality, and knowledge. Our forefathers knew that the greatest threat to a free democratic republic is secularism.
Gary Porter  
Article 3 – The Judiciary; Sometimes the decisions of courts seem to defy logic.  Usually this is due to the abject politicization of judges. 

1st Amendment – Right of Conscience; the plight of a Colorado baker who was convicted of violating Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws.

4th Amendment – Illegal Search; The government of Highland, California has decided they can inspect the apartments and rental homes of the city’s landlords at will to determine their compliance with city ordinances. 
Dale Netherton  
Why it won't happen.
The theory of impending martial law under president Obama is not a realistic viewpoint and should be discarded as un-American and without foundation.






Cliff Kincaid  
The supermarket tabloid National Enquirer can’t be laughed at any more. It was Donald J. Trump’s effective weapon against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and now it’s been unleashed against Hillary Clinton. The issue currently on newsstands reveals “The Explosive 7-Step Plan to Destroy Hillary,” and predicts the demise of the Democratic candidate.  More...
Rev. Michael Bresciani  
The main stream media made a big deal of Melania’s speech at the RNC even after the entire matter was all but dismissed by Donald Trump. There were other errors, spoken and unspoken, but make no mistake; this writer will not fight against the great principles outlined in the RNC’s stated platform and purposes. A safer and greater America is what we need. I am declaring that we will not achieve these goals by ignoring the God of our founding fathers. More...
Dr. Tom Barrett  
How can you like someone, but be ashamed of him? Just as you love a family member, but feel ashamed of them when they do something really, really bad. Jeb has done something really, really bad; he has broken his word.
You might say, "Most people break their word sometimes," and this would be true. But Jeb has been known for being a straight arrow, one of the good guys that would always tell the truth. When he was Governor of Florida, my state, I always felt that he was one of those rarest of people - a politician who could be trusted. He was a good governor, and I looked up to him.
But now he has done something that has not only violated our trust, but could also end his career in the family business. He took a solemn pledge - and then he violated it.  More...
Darlene Casella  
A history of Iran and how policies, American Presidents backing the wrong leaders, have gotten us to where we are today. “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, 
but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”  Albert Einstein More...
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