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Dr. Tom Barrett
My daughter Sarah knows that I admire Winston Churchill, so she gave me a book about him for Father’s day. More important than the book was a greater gift – the inscription she wrote on the flyleaf. “If there was a Papi Hall of Fame, you’d definitely be in it. I love you.”

Now, I don’t have any illusions about being one of the best fathers in the world. I try, like all of you do, but I often fail. But what’s important is that my daughter thinks her Papi is a great father. That means that I must have done something right. More important, it means that along our journey together as father and daughter our love for one another has defined our relationship.

It’s not easy being a father. You have to make thousands of decisions, all of which will impact your child or children and your relationship with them. If nothing else in your life drives you to prayer, fatherhood will. What advice do I give my child? How do I answer their millions of questions? What about discipline? Do I let them slide when they do something wrong, or do I punish them so they will learn to be a better person? Where’s the child-rearing instruction manual when you need it?! Read more...
Dr. Tom Barrett
President Trump is not the only one who can pass out nicknames. Joe Biden’s new (and well-deserved) monicker shall be from this day forward “Hiden’ Biden.”

Why is Crazy Joe Biden hiding? Why didn’t he appear onstage with the other Dem candidates at the California Democrat Convention last week? Why is he afraid to do town halls or talk to the press? Why are his only public events carefully controlled to keep both the press and the public from asking him questions?

Actually, he has several very good reasons to be in the witness protection program… Read more...
Special Featured Commentary
Ed Delph
“Great kids don’t just happen. You need to invest in them, love them, and discipline them. No discipline or boundaries - produces no inner boundaries in children. No love in word and deed - produces a child who will look for love elsewhere. No investment in children - produces no return in children.”  Read more...
Special Commentary
Jake MacAulay
Addison Woosley, 13, spoke out during a Raleigh, North Carolina, city councilmeeting Tuesday. Woosley called for an end to abortion and to make Raleigh a "sanctuary city for the unborn."

"Abortion should be illegal because it is murder. The definition of murder is the killing of one human being by another," Addison said. "There's no way around it. Abortion is murder. So, why is it if an infant is destroyed before birth, there is no problem, but if killed after birth, it's considered a brutal murder?" Read more...
Not Something You Want to Feature in a Parade
Rev. Michael Bresciani
There will not be a day from now to the end of time when Bible believing people will not stand with God’s assessment of the deep sin of sodomy. It is a depraved act of perversion that ranks close to the unforgivable act of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. It is one of only a few sins the bible describes as an abomination.

So, what is there to be proud of?

Being prideful of behaviors that God condemns is defiance, rebellion and reprobation all rolled into one. Read more...
Are there Just, righteous, people in the world who will redeem mankind in the eyes of God. Let us pray there are.
Bob Pascarella
Have you looked around lately and then asked yourself, can we continue to travel the path we’re on that if left unchecked could lead to our own destruction? In a nation, a world, plagued with oppression, hate, religious persecution, and death, is there any redemption? I have on occasion been beset with this dark and dismal harbinger of something waiting, festering, ready to strike, and beyond our control. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - war, famine, pestilence, death - unleashed on the world. Read more...
David DiCrescenzo
I feel it is ridiculous to even think I should have to add this disclaimer. However, I want to be very clear that I do not and am not bashing the entire gay community. I am however, along with probably the vast majority of Americans, angry and fed up with the agenda of ‘big gay’ and their blatant sexualization of our children. That is what this is about and who it is addressed to. Read more...
Brent Smith
Jeff Crouere
Since he launched his presidential campaign in 2015, Donald Trump has masterfully labeled the media as “fake news” for their ongoing liberal bias and censorship of conservatives. One method the “fake news” media uses to ridicule President Trump is to champion supposedly independent polls that show him with a low approval rating. The latest tactic is to promote polls that indicate the President will lose in a “landslide” to former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

This week several new polls were heavily hyped by the Trump-hating media. A new Quinnipiac University poll boasts nothing but good news for the top Democratic presidential contenders. In individual matchups against President Trump, all of them are beat him. In fact, Biden enjoys a significant lead of 53-40% over the President.  Other polls also give Biden a strong lead over Trump, both nationally and in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. Read more...
Brent Smith
The main stream media and the democrats claim, like Joe Biden did recently, that president Trump is an “existential” threat to this nation. They claim that Trump is an enemy to a free press in this country and wants to censor them and shut them down.

However, not once as I recall, has the president Trump ever seriously called for the shuttering of any leftist news outlets, or silencing any opposing voices. Frankly, why would he. They are doing such a bang up job of it themselves. Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
Radical homosexuals, with missionary zeal, declare that David and Jonathan were lovers but the LGBTQ crowd must twist the Bible and common sense like a pretzel to spin their myth and excuse their foul practices. Read more...
Email of the Week
Email of the Week
Congress continues to use SS as their rainy day, mad money piggy bank. Never pays it back. It's like having an adult child still living at home and borrowing the car and money you just know you wont get back. Read more...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week
  Play the video to the end. You can hear adults screaming at and threatening this brave young woman. Read more...
Photo of the Week
Dr. Tom Barrett
This is the Father's Day card my duaghter Sarah gave me on the way to dinner last night. I love it! Read more...
Dem thar dawgs don't hunt.
Bob McCray
Congress is worse than a bunch of old hunting dogs. They bark and howl at the slightest provocation, and if you get to close they try to bite you. But when it’s time to work all they do is lie around and sleep. It doesn’t matter which house of Congress or which party, the professional politicians focus is on one thing, and that’s getting re-elected.

The house Democrats have now taken things to a whole new level, everything is now done for their Party. Doing the job of representing the people that elected them to their office is not anywhere on the agenda. The issues regarding the budget, immigration, opioid drugs, repairing the infrastructure of the country, terrorism and law enforcement have all taken a back seat to all the efforts to derail President Trump. Read more...