Special Features

We love to hear from our readers. One of the reasons Conservative Truth exists is to provide a forum for our visitors and subscribers. Feel free to comment on any of our articles or features, or just send us your opinion on the issues of the day.

From banning school prayer and the display of our nation's flag, to grousing about sports teams mascots - the Politically Correct forces are "hard at work" making all Americans "safe" from being offended. Of course, there's no Constitutional guarantee against being offended (though the ACLU would like you to believe otherwise!)

Conservative Truth started as an email newsletter, and grew into one of the most powerful voices of the conservative community. The newsletter is still a vital part of what we do, and many of the subjects we cover are developing stories.

One of our newsletter subscribers' favorite features has always been "Heroes and Villains." In this section we include some of the best, and worst! "Heroes" are not necessarily people who have risked their lives, nor do all the "Villains" belong in jail. We're looking for people we can admire (or un-admire) for this feature.