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Dr. Tom Barrett  
With that smile, he looks like everyone's kindly old Uncle Mohammed. But this man is in charge of the most evil and dangerous nation in the world. His name is Ali Khamenei; he is the Supreme Leader of Iran. And our president thinks we should trust him.
Here are six reasons why we shouldn't and why you should call your representative and tell them to do whatever they have to do to make sure Congress reviews any deal before it is made public... More...
Special Commentary
Cliff Kincaid  
The media have launched a major campaign on behalf of the “transgendered.” The Bruce Jenner ABC News interview is the most visible manifestation of this campaign. Howeve More...
Roger Aronoff  
April 22nd marked the one-year anniversary of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi’s (CCB) 2014 Interim Report illuminating key details about the ongoing Benghazi scandal.  More...
Robin Rowan  
In August 2011 a 70 year old development specialist working for US AID was kidnapped by Al Queda, just four days before his seven year job was supposed to end. In 2012 in a video he pleaded to President Obama for his life. More...
Video of the Week  
Brian W. Peterson  
Rewind. 2008. Federal action finally caught up to us and damaged the economy. Financial institutions made bad loans, both because of federal laws and assurances given that those same institutions would be protected by Fed money. The complexities could not be explained More...
Don Boys, PhD  
This week Dr. James Dobson predicted that American Christians would soon be a hated minority; however, his timing is wrong: True Christians are already a hated minority and they always have been. More...
Ellen Brown  
On April 22, 2015, the Senate Finance Committee approved a bill to fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade agreement that would override our republican form of government and hand judicial and legislative authority to a foreign three-person panel of corporate lawyers. More...
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