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Dr. Tom Barrett  
In June, 2015, after the horrendous Supreme Court decision regarding Homosexual "marriage" Obama decided to light up the White House in the colors the Homosexuals have appropriated from God's rainbow.
But he did not feel any need to honor the five slain Dallas police officers. When asked at a press conference if Obama would light the White House in blue, the White House Press Secretary responded that the president had already commented on their deaths.  More...
Special Commentary
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
Reflecting on that day in Iraq at Al-Assad Air Base near Mosul, seeing the 2008 results come in, seems surreal as tonight July 14, 2016, France is under another massive terror attack and the US prepares for a new election.
How does one measure the consequences of an election?

Europe is under siege by this new terror group that did not exist when I was in Baghdad a few short years ago. Our world has gotten smaller. Our world has changed. More...
Gary Porter  
Article 1 – The Legislature: Separation of Powers. Republicans in Congress made great hoopla[1] over passage in the House on Friday of HR-4768, aka the ‘‘Separation of Powers Restoration Act of 2016.’’

Article 2 – The Executive: The Candidates and the Constitution;

Article 3 – The Judiciary
; Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg got herself in hot water this week by breaking a cardinal rule that says justices and judges should refrain from commenting on partisan politics.
Brian W. Peterson  
The fast food industry is not the only industry that employs people at or near the minimum wage level. Janitors, for example, are often paid the minimum. Thanks to the sacrifice of today’s activists, the advances in robotics will lead to machinery cleaning office buildings and manufacturing plants. The increase in demand for this equipment will lead to more manufacturing jobs, which will lead, over time, to greater supply and more affordable machinery. Cheap robots will serve the unemployed former minimum wage earners. Ah, the irony of life. More...
Roger Aronoff  
The idea that Hillary Clinton broke no laws while secretary of state is offensive to anyone who believes in equal justice for all. Even Director Comey, during his July 5 statement to announce that the FBI will not recommend prosecution, did not argue that Mrs. Clinton and her staff weren’t in the wrong. More...
Don Boys, PhD  
Donald Trump may be a tall Mussolini with a New York accent who will destroy the Republican Party, devastate Conservativism, and disgrace America. Or, he might be the one non-politician who can lead us out of the wilderness into the Promised Land. More...
Peter Lemiska  
The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal has concluded under a cloud of suspician and controversy.  Justice is now in the hands of the voting public.  Only willful blindness would cause voters to reject the facts established by both the FBI and State Department investigations.  When American voters are willing to elect a candidate they innately know to be dishonest, our country has reached a point of no return. More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
In an April 2015 event for Israel’s Independence Day celebration in London, Great Britain’s Theresa May made an impassioned speech highlighting the importance of the future of the Jewish State of Israel and the safety of the Jewish community. What did she do as Home Secretary to protect the Jewish community against the terrorism they are seeing in Europe? More...
Dale Netherton  
Medical personnel understand the nature of tumors and usually advocate removing them unless the patient cannot withstand surgery or there are other mitigating medical issues that take priority. Inflation is like a tumor. More...
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