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Dr. Tom Barrett  
I remember learning as a child about the very first Thanksgiving Day Feast in 1621. We read the story and saw drawings of the bountiful feast, including huge turkeys and lots of side dishes. But history does not bear out this depiction. More...
Special Commentary
Alan Caruba  
The results of the midterm elections are testimony to the fact that polls and pundits are often very wrong when it comes to making predictions about the future, even if it is the very near future. More...
Cliff Kincaid  
Remember when the media were complaining about the “militarization” of the police in Ferguson? ABC News is now reporting that the police have reason to be worried and well-armed More...
Bob Webster  
While the record hiatus of global warming continues unabated toward the two-decade mark, warmists who cling to their discredited theories propping up claims of human-caused-global-warming are grasping at every opportunity to invoke their "chicken-little" claims of catastrophic global warming. More...
Ellen Brown  
While 49 state treasuries were submerged in red ink after the 2008 financial crash, one state’s bank outperformed all others and actually launched an economy-shifting new industry. More...
Roger Aronoff  
In recent days the Obama administration has attempted to separate itself from MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber’s comments regarding the torturous way that Obamacare was written, and the “stupidity of the American voter.” More...
John Lillpop  
As Barack Obama pushes his ‘transformation of America’ into a haven for illegal invaders from the 3rd world, it is useful to consider how other presidents have approached the problem, with far greater compassion and concern for American citizens More...
Don Boys, PhD  
Some superficial thinkers may question my request to preach in a mosque; however, it is a very reasonable request. After all, last Friday the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. permitted More...
Burt Brody  
We debated whether healthcare is a right or a privilege.  Truth is that it is neither.  It is a need.  The real question is whether those who cannot meet their need have a right, legal or constitutional, to have others pay More...
Email of the Week
Email of the Week  
A local newpaper recently ran an instructive column by Charles Krauthammer together with Lisa Benson’s wonderful cartoon on the breaking story of Jonathan Gruber, the talkative MIT economist and his connection with the Affordable Care Act. Professor Grube More...
Video of the Week
Video of the Week  
The frightening reality of today's youth...if these are our best and brightest then we should all be afraid, very afraid.

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