November 26, 2018

It’s good to be thankful – on Thanksgiving Day and every day. But, when you think about it, shouldn’t we be “ThankFULL”?

“Thankful” seems passive, low-key. At Thanksgiving meals, everyone around the table mentions one thing they’re thankful for. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But God wants us to be FULL of thanks, to be passionate in our gratitude for all the wonderful gifts He has given us.

Today I am FULL of thanks to Him for our salvation from the curses of sin, sickness, and poverty.

I am FULL of thanks for all our servicemen and women, firefighters and police officers who are not with their families today because they are making it safe for us to be with ours.

I am FULL of thanks that God answered the prayers of multiplied millions of Americans and gave us a new president who has promised to return our nation to the principles that our Founding Fathers laid out for us.

I am FULL of thanks for the thousands of wonderful people I have met as I taught in many nations, who pray for me and encourage me with emails, Facebook likes and posts and even phone calls.

And I am extremely FULL of thanks for my wife – a wonderful, Spirit-filled woman of God who has stood by me and prayed for me for decades. And for my beautiful daughter who is growing into her God-given destiny – a loving, compassionate, talented and creative servant of the King.

As with all of you, I am thankFULL for so many things that there is not enough time to describe them all. But there is one other thing for which I am thankFULL – the new direction in which our nation is moving – which is really the old direction that God set us on back in 1776.

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