When a Buck is a Doe

September 18, 2017


Matt T : You'd only stand a chance if the game warden was a bleeding heart liberal, but then you'd still be screwed because they're pathetic hypocrites.

Paul K:  If the Buck goes to the Ladies' restroom obviously you can shoot him as a Doe! He self-identified himself as so? Hehe!

Rebel: As long as youre wearing a Hillary or Sanders hat or shirt. The warden won't ticket you because he will not want to be called a racist.

Tina G: I would buy it simply because it was hilariousl!! And considering the environment of these "multi-gendered" humans... it just makes me crazy! There are 2 (yes, ONLY (2) TWO), genders. Male and female. That is the way God created us. That is the way He intended life to be. If you believe anything other than that, you are a satanist and terroristic sympathizer.