It Makes No Sense

December 5, 2016

I didn't vote for Obama either time, and I totally disagreed with pretty much everything he did. But I never turned on my friends who did. I separated that from them as a person and continued to love on them and treat them well. And I did my best to leave that topic aside and focus on our friendship and them as a person the whole time.

I didn't protest in the streets, bash our nation and the election process, throw public tantrums, threaten those I disagreed with, etc. And I didn't try to publicly embarrass friends or relatives who voted other than my view.

I was taught manners, social graces, and above all, even in Sunday school as a child, I was taught to do unto others as you'd want them to do to you.

It's frightening to watch the immaturity of those throwing childish temper tantrums who didn't get their way in this election. It's as if their minds were programmed and now have become scrambled, screaming "That does not compute! That does not compute!" They are totally freaking out, not knowing how to handle things not going the way of their programming.

It's just plain not normal for full grown adults to act out like this. They seem unable to properly process things. I'm very serious. It's a scary sight.

May God deliver and unscramble their minds, and help them get on track in life and move forward.


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Joni Ames is an itinerant prophetic minister, writer, teacher, encourager, mentor, mother and grandma. Joni has worked at several internationally known ministries including PTL-TV Network/Heritage USA; a radio station owned by the Jimmy Swaggart Evangelistic Association; a radio station owned by Pat Robertson's Broadcast Equities; as Rick Joyner's first secretary at MorningStar Publications in 1990; a Graphics Designer at a print shop; Executive Assistant to U.S. Director of Derek Prince Publications & Ministries. Joni has taught in churches of many varied denominations; at conferences; government offices; to staff and employees at various Christian businesses that request her to minister to them; Women's Aglow groups; Full Gospel Businessmen groups; Marketplace Ministry groups, teens, singles & women's groups; house groups; prisons and wherever the Lord leads. (See calendar at:
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