A Note to the Snowflakes

November 28, 2016

To the Snowflakes
I know you are confused, hurting, dismayed, feel rejected, mortified even, at the prospect of a President Trump, and desperate to find some way, whether legal or otherwise, to reverse the events of November 8th, 2016.  Sit down and listen.

America is a federal republic, it is not a democracy; it has never been a democracy and, with the help of God it will never be one.  You may think a democracy is neat, because that’s the line you’ve been taught by countless progressive teachers along the way.  A democracy is only “neat” when you belong to the 51% side of it.  If you are LGBT (2-4%), atheist (3.1%), have red hair (1-2%) or any other characteristic which places you in a minority group, you do not want to live in a democracy, trust me on this.  In a true democracy, your rights will be determined by the 51%, period, end of story.   If we lived in a democracy, Obamacare would never have been enacted and homosexuals would not be allowed to marry.  America is not a democracy.  Please repeat that out loud three times.

The official title of the President is “President of the United States of America.”  It is not “President of the People of America.”  You might prefer the later, and if you do, you live in an unconstitutional, fairytale land, disconnected from reality, which may be the case anyway. 

The thirteen states that existed in 1787 created this federal republic, and the people of America ratified their work.  The states were given the task in the Constitution of electing the President of the United States and the states have been doing so ever since.  The states have the constitutional latitude of involving their citizens in this process, or not.  They do this by enacting state law that describes the extent to which their citizens will be involved and how the state’s allocation of electoral votes will be assigned in an election.  It was not until the Civil War era that all the states allowed their citizens to participate.  The states elect the President!  Get that through your little snowflake heads. 

You should consider yourself fortunate to even be allowed to participate in a presidential election.  A simple change in state law would have the presidential electors directly appointed by the state legislature. With 32 state legislatures now in control of Republicans, I hope you see the potential if this option is exercised.
Based on this election, there have been calls -- no, demands -- that the Electoral College be replaced by a National Popular Vote.  I am sick and tired of answering questions on Quora.com, many of them simply inane, concerning the Electoral College.  There are both constitutional and unconstitutional ways of replacing the Electoral College system, and if a majority of the American people really want it to happen, it can and will happen.  Those Americans who have bothered to study the history and logic behind the Electoral College system, however (and most of those demanding its demise clearly have not), will understand the framers’ wisdom.

If you prefer to personally not see Donald Trump as your president or the “President of the American People,” fine, that is as it should be.  Unless I’ve missed something in Article 2, nowhere does the Constitution give the President the responsibility of caring for 320 million Americans.  Teddy Roosevelt and others may have seen it that way, but that responsibility is simply not there.  The President may choose to pursue that goal, within the powers given him by the Constitution; but he is not the Benevolent King.
So sit back and relax, snowflake.  Barring an act of God, Donald Trump will become the President of the United States of America at noon on 20 January 2017 and the United States will continue to lead the world. 
Now, don’t you have a test to study for?

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Gary Porter is Executive Director of the Constitution Leadership Initiative, Inc., a project to inform Americans about the Founder’s view of their Constitution. In addition to writing "The Constitution's Week in Review" at www.ConservativeTruth.org, he writes regularly for the Fairfax Free Citizen of Fairfax Virginia. Mr. Porter also teaches at various locations, as well as hosting a weekly radio broadcast ("The Constitution Matters"). The program can also be heard live on the Internet every Friday morning at www.1180WFYL.com. 
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