My 2016 Vote as a Christian

October 31, 2016

In every election we are told that it’s the most important election we have ever voted in. Up until now, I have never thought this was true, but this time I believe this by far this is most important vote in my lifetime and its results will have the greatest consequences for America, since the vote for independence. This election and the Republican & Democratic candidates in both the primaries & general elections have been the most controversial of any election in US history. There have been unprecedented levels of fraud, misrepresentation and manipulation by the DNC, RNC, Media, George Soros and many others, as you will see for yourself in the “Rigging of the Election Investigation” by James O’Keefe. Everyone needs to exercise greater discernment than you ever have in any other election.

In spite of the flawed choices we have before us, I see only one clear choice for believers and that’s Donald Trump. I won’t list for you all of the Biblical examples of past leaders, both believers and unbelievers, who were highly gifted, highly flawed and who did exploits both good and bad. I have great concern about certain prophetic people who have strongly presented their prophetic words to that Trump is God’s chosen, because if they are wrong people will legitimately question whether they are clearly hearing from the Lord. However, let it be sufficient to say, God clearly has chosen flawed leaders to carry out His will. If I were God, I would not have chosen me to do some the things I have done, because I know my own flaws, yet God still chose me to do them. The links below are from many sources which both impacted and helped me make a clear choice. My hope is that they will be helpful in
providing you with further insight as well.

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· Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies:

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Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice (8-2-16) By Wayne Grudem

Patricia Smith, Mother of Benghazi Victim Speaks at Republican Convention (7-18-16)

Why Vote For Trump Honestly Why Would Anyone Vote For Trump (6-26-16)

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Fulton Sheen was twice elected county treasurer in Allegan County Michigan, and served 3 terms as a Michigan State Representative. He owned and operated a financial advisory and investment firm, Sheen Financial, for over 20 years. Fulton is the director of Isaiah 58:12, a faith based disaster relief and preparedness group. In addition to assisting in disasters, he and his team have trained over 1,500 volunteers to work with first responders in Search & Rescue, First-aid & Triage and terrorist mitigation. Currently he heads the management of operations and customer service at River East Financial, a New Zealand Financial Institution. Fulton & his wife Cheryl also own operate F&C Enterprises which connects and assists people in the purchase of tangible assets such as precious metals, bulk food and other commodity based purchases. Fulton speaks nationally and internationally on economic and financial issues; including world markets the sovereign debt crisis, and alternative financial structures.