How Far We Have Fallen!

October 10, 2016

We can expect more revelations about the sordid past of both major candidates to continue surfacing. The way it is unfolding indicates that our choice for the next "leader of the free world" will be based on them not being as bad as the other choice. How did we get to this place? How do we climb out of it?

The prophet Isaiah asked, "Can a nation be born in a day?" We might rephrase that to, "Can a nation be born AGAIN in a day?" We need to be reborn as a nation, and the answer to this question is "Yes." This low point could be exactly what we need to turn around.

Donald Trump has a sordid past that he has never tried to hide. In fact, he has kind of flaunted it, as some have said, "like a teenager." The reason he has done this is because it has become acceptable. There are abundant studies showing that sexual immorality, promiscuity, and exploitation are the rule rather than the exception anymore. This is not alright, but it is tearing out the heart of our nation, and our ability to be responsible and mature enough to be a free people.

Now everyone is expecting there to be a counter release of shocking revelations of Bill Clinton's escapades, but there is plenty on Hillary, just from the excerpts of books written by former Clinton employees. Then we have as many as fifty thousand emails the WikiLeaks is planning to let trickle out that are even more insulting to the American people. Our enemies are mocking us, and our friends are embarrassed, but this is where we are.

Like Hurricane Matthews trail there will be a lot to clean up and repair after the hurricane of this presidential election. Though it is going to be a battering, just as a great clarity comes to the weather after a hurricane, this campaign is going to reveal a lot of things about where we are as a nation. We must use it to determine if we are going to keep going in the same direction, or do we want a new beginning?

God's grace is extended to us for a new beginning. He will restore our heritage by restoring our spiritual moral foundations. That grace always begins with a revelation of where we are, that leads to remorse, that leads to humbling ourselves and repenting, which means to turn away from evil to embrace God's way. Our choice is about a lot more than who gets to live in the White House.

I shared yesterday that the only hope for the Republican Party to survive was for Trump to be elected, and then I was amazed at how fast the evidence of this manifested. Paul Ryan is now the face of the Republican establishment. He and Scott Walker refused to share the stage with Trump after the revelation of his foul conversation eleven years ago. They seemed to think the people would appreciate this, but their "holier than thou" attitude did not go over well. Ryan's speech was drowned out after just six minutes with chants of "We want Trump!" Then large crowds gathered outside of Trump Towers to show their support. It was like the people vs the Pharisees again.

Trump is being humbled. He is ashamed of what he said, and the way he lived. He will be for some time, by the way his behavior shamed his name and his family. No one ever repents perfectly, or all at once, but true repentance often takes time. That's why we see in the Book of Revelation that the Lord even gave Jezebel "time to repent." This is because we can't handle having all of our sins come up at once, but for all who have experienced it, the first couple of years after being born again is one of almost constant repentance. I know Christian leaders who said they recently prayed for Trump to be born again. Even a casual observer can see that something is going on with him. Being born again is a new beginning, but it does not make us instantly perfect; it just starts us down the path to the needed changes.

If Trump humbles himself, confesses how despicable his former behavior was, truly repents by seeking the grace to live differently, this revelation will turn out to have been a great thing for him. It could turn what is now a serious negative into a positive as far as the election goes. If he shows that he has not repented as deeply as he should have yet, it will be harder for him, but it can still turn into good. God tends to be far more patient than people.
Since in a republic the people are the sovereign, a major issue is how are we going to treat this? Are we going to cast stones, or are we too going to repent, and turn from our wicked ways?
This article was posted by Rick Joyner on his Facebook page. Reprinted with permission. 

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Rick Joyner is the President of the OAK Initiative, a nationwide Christian organization that was founded to educate Christians on the major crises of our time, and propose solutions to them. He is also the Founder, and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries, which includes MorningStar University, and The MorningStar Fellowship of Churches, as well as Heritage International Ministries, and the restored Heritage USA Grand Hotel and Conference Center. He is the author of more than 50 books, including The Final Quest Trilogy, There Were Two Trees in the Garden, and his latest, I See A New America. Rick and his wife, Julie, live in South Carolina with their five children: Anna, Aaryn, Amber, Ben and Sam.
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