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What Happened to America?

October 24, 2016

We used to be proud Americans.

We used to Love our nation, amazed by the breadth of opportunities before us.

Not long ago, if an enemy killed an American, the wrath of America would reign down.

We were proud, never a man left behind.

We had hope for our children. We lived as neighbors in peace.

Children were innocent and playful.

Now mere children are asked, “What sex do you want to be?” “Who are you attracted to sexually?”

“You may just be a child, but you need to choose now.”

A past President told our children that oral sex wasn’t sex. So now it’s OK.

We are surrounded by immorality, violence and drugs.

Our leaders lie and cheat and get away with it. There is no accountability.

The children see it, we have come to expect it.

Lawlessness and disrespect for authority is the result.

In the chaos, hope is erased. Love doesn’t mean love anymore. It’s all only temporary.

Who is there to trust? Who is an example to live up to?

Who will have your back? Who will protect you?

The government is now the untrusted enemy, except for the welfare check they will give you to keep you from dreaming, to keep you from hope.

I miss the pride, the dreams, the America that once was. 



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