Saying Farewell...

November 30, 2015

Dear Subscribers...
This will mark my final week as Editor in Chief. I've had the pleasure of acting as editor for Conservative Truth for the last few years, and for many years prior to that, I worked behind the scenes, editing the articles Tom Barrett authored.
Tom and I shared many a laugh over the "rise in my blood pressure" as he'd comment about my passion for the issues. I'd explain to him that the passion to which he refers is what led me to committing to Conservative Truth so that I might, even on a small scale, make some contribution to the cause of Conservatism. 
I hope that this passion of mine translated into turning out a pretty good product.  Tom Barrett and Conservative Truth (now in its 15th year) have consistently worked hard to closely scrutinize the work of our fine authors for accuracy to the best of our ability, week after week, and then producing only those that ultimately enlighten readers in a refreshing and honest way. Conservative Truth was my personal "no spin zone" with no commercialism, no hidden agenda, and a little dose of humor whenever possible.
Only concern for a family member's health takes me from my work on Conservative Truth. I really appreciate the enormous growth the site has seen over the past few years and I've been honored to devote my time to this worthwhile site. I want to express my thanks to all the wonderful authors who tirelessly pore through current events and submit their articles to us, and also remember fondly those authors who enriched our site so greatly, but have since passed on to the Lord. I have learned so much from all of you and what really defines "conservatism."
I know you join me in praying continuously for our beautiful country and for victory in 2016, and that God will protect us from the evil that undermines us. May we be blessed with a leader who can deliver real hope in getting America back on track. I ask for your prayers for Tom's ever enduring work to make the world a better place and, if you will, please pray for my family and me too. Meantime, we'll keep the faith, and go on trusting Him.
My best,

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