Before Attacking Republicans, Look at Democrats

November 9, 2015

On what planet has William Daley been living these last seven years? I refer to an article where Daley, former Chief of Staff to President Obama, and member of a family of professional politicians that helped Chicago and Illinois become economic basket cases, wrote that since 2008 Republicans have been so dysfunctional they “verge on ceasing to function as a national party.” Sounds like DNC talking points.

Meanwhile back on earth here’s what’s been happening. Since 2008 voters have made the GOP the majority in the U.S. House by replacing 69 Democrats with Republicans. And upped Republicans from 40 to 54 seats in the U.S. Senate. In the 50 states, today 70 percent of all legislative bodies have GOP majorities and 60 percent of all governors and 55 percent of attorneys general are Republicans.

Blue states like Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey and Maryland have elected Republican governors to clean up the mess left by governors of Mr. Daley’s party.

Daley says the GOP presidential race is a carnival. It consists of, among others, current or former governors of four of our largest states, four U. S. senators, two entrepreneurs, and an iconic surgeon. Contrast that with Mr. Daley’s party which sports an anointed candidate who, after 40 years in public life, most Americans see as untrustworthy, a socialist, and a former governor of nearby Maryland where voters, as soon as he left, elected a Republican.