Author, Unknown

October 19, 2015

Today my AR15 Rifle will remain securely locked away! While abortion mills will continue to slaughter and slay!

Abortion murders 3,500 children every 24 hours of time! One child dies every 26 seconds as you read this rhyme!

There is no firearm or AR-15 weapon involved! This slaughter has been “approved” with “Supreme Court resolve!”

6,000 children were killed by just one Kansas abortionist George Tiller! Twenty children died at the hands of one Sandy Hook killer.

Obama responds by “Let’s Ban Those Evil AR Guns!” Vice President Biden cried, “It’s worth it if we can save just one!”

Then these Liberal hypocrites protect and fund the Abortion Mills! “If you could see the little aborted bodies it would give you chills!”

Obama publicly Thanked Planned Parenthood and its murderous crew! Then he said to Planned Parenthood; “GOD BLESS YOU!”

The AR Rifle is a tool that can be used to protect/save or kill! The “slaughter of children” is the only function of an abortion mill!

If the abortionist “used an AR-15” instead of a knife and blade! Would that bring a Liberal cry to repeal Roe v Wade?
As you were reading this rhyme my AR-15 caused no one any doom! But abortion just “dismembered” nine more children in the womb!