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August 24, 2015

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Trump vs. Megyn Kelly?  Or Planned Parenthood as "baby parts sellers"?
Visit here to read my take.  Excerpts below.

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"Trump vs. Kelly: an Establishment Trap"

So, what is the conservative response to Mr. Trump’s dust up with Ms. Kelly? Don’t step into the trap. Sidestep.

As Mr. Trump said in the debate last week: The issue of immigration would not be discussed at all but for his entry into the race. The conservative choice is to focus on the issues that really matter in the presidential race.  Mr. Trump is hitting hard on the issues that impact our country most, and conservatives should not be sidetracked by Establishment Republican’s insubstantial distractions.


From "Baby parts sellers exposed: We are all complicit"

Abortion was sold in the 1970s as a simple medical procedure removing a clump of cells. As technology progressed, that old argument was proven false. Today we have learned the truth, and can no longer pretend the procedure is simple, or about the health of women. The horror of Kermit Gosnell and his clinic in Philadelphia shows us what happens when our government hides behind the term “women’s health.” The videos explaining Planned Parenthood prove this isn’t one doctor gone bad. It’s an industry built to profit on baby parts. We are faced with a choice: Will we investigate the truth of Planned Parenthood, or will we turn our faces from evil and hide behind the political mantra of “women’s health?”

We are all complicit in this. Planned Parenthood is funded by the federal government and spends tens of millions each election cycle to maintain that funding. I can be complicit no more. There is no wiggle room for people of good will. There is one defensible answer. I pray that every American shouts it to the heavens.

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