No Change in Global Drought Percentage Since 1901

July 27, 2015

no change in drought since 1901

Attributing natural weather variability to global warming stands among the most pernicious propaganda techniques used by the warming-Left.

The next time Sen. Barbara Boxer tells you she can see global warming out her “window,” tell her the facts speak otherwise.

Fires, floods, droughts, storms, sea level, etc., ad nauseam, are all within the range of natural weather variability.

Will a relentless propaganda campaign push the world into a global warming agreement in Paris in December, or will free people check the facts and call a halt?

Published in AGU’s Earth & Space Science Journal: ‘Variability and trends in global drought’ Authors’ – Gregory J. McCabe, David M. Wolock – First published: 27 June 2015

New paper: No change in global drought percentage since 1901
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