Garbage As Usual On Monday

August 29, 2005

We had another hurricane in Florida this week. Our area only experienced high winds and heavy rains, but various government services were suspended anyway. As we watched the local TV station for announcements that were of interest to us, we saw that garbage pickup had been suspended. The next phrase that scrolled across my screen caught my eye: "Garbage As Usual On Monday."

That started me thinking. How many events in our lives that cause us to change the way we act could be followed up with the tag, "Garbage As Usual On Monday"?

Take elections, for example. During the period before elections politicians of all stripes regularly promise things that they know they cannot deliver. They tell us that they will clean up government, lower taxes, play well with other politicians, stop crime and bring about world peace. Basically they tell us whatever they think we want to hear, whatever that will buy them votes. But anyone who has been around for a while knows that it will be "Garbage As Usual On Monday."

How about Christmas? That's the one time of year that some people even come close to acting like civilized people. Folks that normally never exchange a kind word with strangers are seen wishing others a merry Christmas. Drivers who routinely cut off other drives on the road allow the other guy to cut in. But once the season is over, it's "Garbage As Usual."

Have you been to a wedding lately? Didn't the bride and groom look cute together? Did you see those looks of love passing between them? Chances are they are just as nice to one another in private as they seemed to be at the reception. Unfortunately, for many of them, once the honeymoon is over, it will be "Garbage As Usual."

And saddest of all to me are the "Sunday Christians." At the Sunday morning service sugar they appear to be saints. Many of them are nice to their spouse and children on Sunday, even when no one else is around. But those closest to them know it will be "Garbage As Usual On Monday."

If you saw yourself somewhere above, there is a prayer in Psalm 51:10 that you might want to make your own: "Create a pure heart in me. Oh Lord. Give me a steadfast spirit that is faithful to you."

We don't hear the word "steadfast" much these days. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines it like this: "Firmly fixed in place, immovable. Not subject to change. Firm in belief, determination, or adherence. Loyal. Faithful."

Pray with me: Oh Lord, please give our nation steadfast leaders, teachers, businessmen and parents.

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