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December 5, 2016

Conservative Truth offers you commentary from a wide variety of conservative authors that you may not find anywhere else.

Check out this variety of books by the authors you read each week here on Conservative Truth!


Dr. Don Boys book "Muslim Invasion" is highly recommended - 
Dr. Boys documents the fact that the Muslim Invasion will change America's culture 
forever. Every American, concerned about this nation, must be awakened, alerted, and activated to unashamedly 'put America first.' Read Muslim Invasion: The Fuse in Burning! and pass it on to friends and neighbors."  Dr. Harold Willmington, Liberty University

Our newest author has great recommendations on his new book!

Irrefutable: Why Christianity Is the Irrevocable Foundation of American Liberty

“Your book, IRREFUTABLE looks to me to be a very welcomed addition to the modern day thinking of the origin of our nation and the intellectual underpinnings to our freedoms. Thank you for this masterful study. I hope it is very successful.”

Pat Robertson, Chairman of the Board and CEO
The Christian Broadcasting Network

“Charles Dennis has produced a scholar's analysis of Christian faith at work in the lives of the founders of the United States. It is a volume that merits the attention of anyone who desires deeper insights into our roots.”

Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association


Bestseller by Ellen Brown, Banking expert   

        Roger Aronoff and Accuracy in Media

Great books on Russia from Cliff Kincaid


Copyright ©2016 Bruce Walker

 Former Editor in Chief of Conservative Truth, Robin Rowan is a recipient of the 'Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism;" served in Iraq and Washington, DC as an inspector and auditor with the Special Inspector General for Iraq, also formerly with the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General. She is founder of Church4Israel, an online educational ministry fighting anti-semitism. An ordained Minister under MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries, Ms. Rowan is also a political and Middle East analyst, public speaker and a political activist for the US-Israel relationship. She has several presentations on the Middle East and Israel, and Political Activism, available for churches and secular groups. She can be contacted at Church4Israel@gmail.com.

Visit Robin Rowan's website at http://church4israel.com/
See more from Robin Rowan at http://church4israel.com/


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