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Dr. Tom Barrett  
Dr. C. Peter Wagner lived a long life serving the Lord. He was 86 when he moved on to his final career as a worshipper in Heaven last Friday, October 21. Although he fought hard in faith battling his illness, he was ready to go to his reward. But I – along with, I’m sure, many, many others – stormed Heaven for his healing. I wasn’t ready to see him leave.
I have had many mentors in my life. But he was the wisest, and one of the kindest. He was an extremely busy man, but he always took the time to talk to me when I had a question or a problem. He was an excellent writer who authored more than 70 books. Yet he would take the time to encourage me when one of my articles caught his attention. I will miss him greatly. More...
Dr. Tom Barrett  
The news media have been largely ignoring Hillary's email scandals, concentrating instead on an 11-year-old tape of Donald Trump making crude remarks. FOX News is the only outlet that has provided fair and balanced coverage of both scandals. But even FOX can only air selected emails. For those of you who love to research, here is how you can search over 30,000 email documents and documents to and from Hillary. You will be shocked and amazed at the disgusting things you will discover, including Hillary (in her own words) blaming the deaths of four brave Americans on a cartoon video - right after she sent an email to her daughter telling her truthfully that it was a terrorist attack! More...
Special Commentary
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
Remember the undercover investigation that revealed Planned Parenthood selling baby parts?
Important update!

The Orange County District Attorney's office has now filed a lawsuit against two biological supply companies, accusing them of selling fetal-derived cells and tissues, bought from Planned Parenthood, at unlawfully high markups around the world.

At the same time, the brave investigative journalist that exposed Planned Parenthood's atrocities is facing a 15 count lawsuit as Planned Parenthood has sued her in retaliation for the undercover video. 

And there is something YOU can do to help... More...
Jim Collins  

baby-in-wombWhere a candidate stands on the issue of abortion is of paramount importance, and it’s also one of the indicators of how likely he or she is to protect other inalienable God-given rights.
Here we look at the actual quotes from the Democrat and Republican Party 2016 Platforms. 

The statements are stunning. THIS is what you are voting for.  More...
Rev. Michael Bresciani  
Daily dumps of emails from WikiLeaks have provided us with an unfolding story that could aptly be titled – “The Tale of Two Hillarys.”
The public Hillary supports Israel, loves Americans, did not knowingly send classified emails on a private server and above all has been a paragon of virtue and honesty.
The private Hillary... More...
Dr. Joe Alton  
Donald Trump may be responsible for some crude remarks, but having someone who "tells it like it is" is refreshing, even if his remarks are sometimes wincingly outrageous.
Cliff Kincaid  
In what we have described as a “shock and awe” campaign, the media want us to believe there’s a right and wrong regarding Donald Trump and women—but not a right and wrong when it comes to what the Clintons, the Kennedys and the Democratic Party elites do and say. On November 8, says Michelle Obama, “…let’s elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who share our values and can be role models for our children.” More...
David Bozeman  
The Never-Trumpers, self-identified conservatives and Republicans, would rather be proven right on November 8 than acknowledge that any threat to Democratic dominance, even Lindsay Graham, could come off like Larry Flynt under the light of the mainstream media.

Don Boys, PhD  
In recent days, we have seen a paroxysm of moral outrage from people not known for their pietistic lifestyle. However, they managed by grunting, groaning, and without grace to produce a plethora of public demonstrations not seen since the pathetic Flagellants scourged themselves through European cities in the Middle Ages. However, sincerity from the hate-Trump crowd was obviously absent but like the religious fanatics, at least it was a pretty good show. More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
Conservative Truth offers you commentary from a wide variety of conservative authors that you may not find anywhere else. 

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Dr. Boys documents the fact that the Muslim Invasion will change America's culture 
forever. Every American, concerned about this nation, must be awakened, alerted, and activated to unashamedly 'put America first.' Read Muslim Invasion: The Fuse in Burning! and pass it on to friends and neighbors."  Dr. Harold Willmington, Liberty University

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Irrefutable: Why Christianity Is the Irrevocable Foundation of American Liberty

“Your book, IRREFUTABLE looks to me to be a very welcomed addition to the modern day thinking of the origin of our nation and the intellectual underpinnings to our freedoms. Thank you for this masterful study. I hope it is very successful.”
Pat Robertson, Chairman of the Board and CEO
The Christian Broadcasting Network

“Charles Dennis has produced a scholar's analysis of Christian faith at work in the lives of the founders of the United States. It is a volume that merits the attention of anyone who desires deeper insights into our roots.”
Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

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Email of the Week
Email of the Week  
We used to be proud Americans.

We used to Love our nation, amazed by the breadth of opportunities before us.

Not long ago, if an enemy killed an American, the wrath of America would rain down.

We were proud, never a man left behind.

We had hope for our children. We lived as neighbors in peace.

Children were innocent and playful.

Now mere children are asked, “What sex do you want to be?” “Who are you attracted to sexually?”
Email of the Week  
On November 8th I will not be voting for a person. I will be voting for a promise. More...
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