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Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?

January 27, 2001

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 2, Issue 5

This article appeared on on Thursday, January 24, 2002.

The other night I attended a dinner gathering of the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy."

I didnít know I was going to be with this controversial group until the "MC" announced thatís who we really are. Of course Cal Thomas was kidding. But, I was reminded of who Hillary thought we were – and why such a label marginalized us.

I came to this event looking forward to an evening of solid evidence that there is, indeed, a "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy." These like-minded zealots are enabled in large part by a biased mainstream media characterized by dishonesty and intolerance for the political views of others.

I dined and laughed with nearly a thousand nicely dressed, politely behaved honest overachievers who came at the invitation of Brent Bozell. We were at his Media Research Centerís "Dishonors Awards" where we would "Roast the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters of the Year!"

Video clip after video clip was played to the appreciative audience. Every goofy liberalís biased blooper proved that Bernard Goldberg was right-on in his book, "Bias." Most donít need Mr. Goldberg to tell them the media is biased – but Iím glad heís out there for the moderates who have a hard time deciding anything, in spite of all the evidence.

CBSís Dan Rather won top honors for declaring that: "A man could lie about any number of things, and still be considered honest." Rather made these comments in 2001 after Bill OíReilly asked him how he could seriously consider Bill Clinton an honest man.

In his taped conversation, Rather admitted that he himself lied from time to time – apparently whenever it suited him. How is anybody supposed to know when Rather is lying, or when heís telling the truth? Remember that CBS allows him to do this.

It doesnít really matter. The majority of Americans who remain well informed know they cannot trust the usual flacks sent out to defend and support dishonest liberals. Speaking of flacks, recently John McCaslin, my favorite Washington Times reporter, revealed that George Stephanopoulosí memoir, "All Too Human," is on bookstoresí remainder tables, selling for $1. Apparently there are plenty of them at this price. Hurry down.

One of my children brought McCaslinís piece to my attention because they witnessed that day in 1996 when Stephanopoulos called their daddy a "pathological liar" on network TV. He got away with that and now earns seven figures on ABC as a journalist pretending "news."

My book is still being sold – has never appeared on any remainder table, and never will. Why? Because truth is still a best seller.

But for some, truth is not enough. There are millions of moderates who sit on the fence and say they would embrace conservatives and truth, if only we didnít "appear" so extreme. Weíre not extreme – weíre normal, and polls show the majority of Americans agree with our view.

For my money, an extremist would be somebody who remained undecided, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that liberals are dishonest and embrace a bankrupted political ideology. It is not in dispute that they are also power hungry, morally corrupt, and unethical when it comes to government and business.

Can so-called moderates be considered the real extremists in the face of irrefutable evidence that more liberalism is wrong, wrong, and wrong for this country? To remain "undecided" in the face of all the evidence is, at least, a case of extreme denial.

A few great organizations like the Media Research Center watch the mainstream media very closely for daily evidence of real dishonesty. The pile of video and audio evidence just grows and grows.

So, look at the track record of the liberals, and then weigh what they have brought us. Then, look at the track record of the conservatives.

For example, whoís for a strong national defense? Conservatives! Whoís always cutting the Pentagonís budget? Liberals!

Who tolerates, even celebrates the meanest, grossest, crudest depiction of human behavior on the TV? Name a shock-jock that isnít a liberal. Baby boomer liberals, old enough to know better, still think bathroom humor is cool. Liberals are forever obsessed with sex, which may indicate – at least to a thinking person – the true depth of a liberalís immaturity.

And, what group wants to legalize drugs, kill more babies, "inform" our children about Gay sex, open the borders, coddle criminals, and disarm honest taxpayers who simply want the right to defend themselves?

Who wants to take more of your money to pay for all of this silly garbage?

Who promotes the notion of cultural diversity without a scintilla of evidence that there is another place on the face of the globe better to live in than the United States?

Whoís raising a fuss right now over the "civil rights" of the Taliban prisoners currently held in Cuba? And speaking of Cuba, who promotes normalized diplomatic relations with Castroís police state, an island prison where citizens are treated like cattle, and worse?

What political group had eight years of warnings that a very serious terrorist threat was headed our way and had the power to stop it but did not?

Who continually fans the flames of racial and class hatred? Who takes splinter groups of people, like "animal rights advocates," and blows them up into media-created powerhouses by giving them unlimited airtime, simply because they "lean left?"

And who, at the very same time, totally ignores the millions of productive citizens who have more important concerns on their minds, like raising a family? Who sneers at women who choose to stay at home and raise their own children? Who constantly degrades men and fathers and trivializes us as so many "Leave It To Beaver" and "Father Knows Best" morons?

The answer to all of the above questions is liberals!

This is an election year, and the question looming large is, will Americans make good choices, or will they once again choose shock-government by electing more liberals?

Our hats are off to Brent Bozell and his wonderful staff at the Media Research Center. Of course they catch liberals in constant lies – thatís like shooting fish in a barrel. But, they get "extra credit" for forcing themselves to do the ugly business of watching and listening to the real pathological liars – those dishonest narcissistic bores who get paid millions of dollars to create and repeat the outrageous lies used to nurture and protect their "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy."