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Obstruction of Government

January 13, 2001

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 2, Issue 3

This article appeared on on Thursday, January 10, 2002.

"Sen. Daschle, may we have our new government, please? Our country is under attack, and we know President Bushís approval ratings are through the roof, and itís understandable that this unforeseen development has you and your fellow liberals nervous. But, you see, we had this constitutional election way back in November of 2000, and itís been more than a year now, but President Bush is not being allowed to build his new government – you know, the one we voted in? We think this may be íObstruction of Governmentí and we believe this is endangering national security."

Thus reads an imaginary letter an average citizen might write if they were trying to move an obstructive, dishonest self-serving liberal out of the way so our new president could get on with the business of building our economy while protecting our homeland. But, it didnít start with Sen. Daschle – a small man with a smaller population base to support the "monkey-wrenching" heís lately been about. The wholesale obstruction began on Election Day, 2000.

Recall that the presidential election was so close, then Vice-president Gore decided to throw a "Hail Mary pass" to steal away an election. The playing field was the state of Florida, and the players were teams of lawyers flown in to confuse, spin, and lie enough to create serious doubt about the electionís outcome. The entire nation was put on hold while the lawyers battled it out in the various courts and, finally, the U.S. Supreme Court visited the issue and put the matter to rest.

As we all know now, President Bush won the election by a whisker – but he won nonetheless. Later, comprehensive examinations by well-known liberal news organizations proved what we already knew – that Bush won the election. So those of us who worked hard to wrench abuse and corruption – not to mention silliness – out of the White House, looked forward to getting on with the business of building a new government.

We also yearned for the rebuilding of the various agencies that stand ready to protect us all – like the Department of Defense, and the Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and U.S. Customs which had become a cesspool of incompetence and abuse under Bill Clinton. From our point of view, many important agencies had suffered from a liberalís view of how to defend a nation – or not defend it, if you believe some of the real skeptics among us, which includes me.

But Clinton and Gore would not allow President-elect Bush to open his transition office and many weeks were lost, from Election Day to Inauguration Day while the lawyers fought it out. Even when it became fairly clear that George W. Bush was going to prevail, still the Clinton administration denied Bush the keys to the offices, and the use of agencies like the FBI, that have responsibility to screen the top-level nominees chosen by the new administration.

So, President Bush got off to a slow start and that would not have been all that bad unless you factor in a significant threat to the well being of this nation. On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists launched the greatest single attack on our soil that had ever occurred. We are still digging the bodies out of the rubble, 121 days after the attack and 398 days after the election of our new government.

In spite of that, the liberals led by Sen. Daschle and James Carville mean to deny the citizens of this country the new government that we have elected, by doing everything conceivable to deny President Bush the ability to govern. This amounts to "Obstruction of Government" but no federal law exists to prosecute those who would put political party above the national security and economy of this nation. "Let them eat cake and bullets," could be the rallying cry of these unpatriotic parasites, in my view. They want to maintain a tenuous hold on power, and they donít much care how they do it, or who is hurt in the process.

Having made a good-faith effort to work with the Senate liberals, President Bush is now faced with the task of appointing his chosen government officials with recess appointments, which must be making the liberals jump for joy. Bushís need to get on with protecting this nation will give the liberals the "equivalency" argument they have been waiting for. Clinton made a few recess appointments, but thatís because his nominees were proven to be unacceptable to a weak-kneed Senate that had allowed so many flawed Clinton selections to flow through the nominating process. Can you imagine what the FBI dug up on Clintonís recess appointees to force our senators to locate their backbones and to refuse to confirm them?

And so federal judges and under-secretaries of state, and high-level managers in every single agency under the supervision of the executive branch must see the appointment process dragged out – forever – if Sen. Daschle and James Carville have their way.

You thought you elected a new government in the year 2000? Think again. With "patriots" like Daschle and Carville allowed to obstruct government, it will take years for the real Bush administration to emerge. Letís hope we can get the government we elected before the next recession, or before another jetliner is hijacked and plowed into yet another landmark.

Sen. Daschle, James Carville – you, sirs, have no shame. It appears you would do anything to maintain your ill-used powers.