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Gary Aldrich

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Senator Dim Bulb

by Gary Aldrich
Volume 1, Issue 45 November 4, 2001

This article ran exclusively at on Friday, October 26, 2001.

When I first heard the stories coming out of New York about Hillary Clintonís appearance at a fund-raiser to benefit 911 victims, I promised myself I was not going to comment. At a time like this, one should resist making statements that tend to divide. Yet, the thought crossed my mind that people are finally getting wise to her.

New Yorkerís voted her into office, so itís not my business to question their collective judgment. Still, one has to wonder if many a New Yorker isnít just a wee bit wistful about how it might have been, if only Rudy had been able to weather his health problems so that he could represent New York as an honest to goodness U.S. Senator.

Still many others would say that you must stand where God puts you, and Rudy certainly did. Who will ever forget his leadership following that horrible attack? Who could voice a critical or unkind remark about his job performance? Even George Pataki - who few knew outside of the Empire State - rose to national affection with his reasoned, gentle manner, reminding us that some rise to leadership for good reasons.

And then there is Hillary. Just prior to her "performance" Saturday, she was known as the urgently important person whose motorcade ran down a police officer. The officer was simply trying to enforce some security restrictions designed to protect us all. Would that be the reason why New Yorkers and a whole lot of firemen and policemen were angry with her?

Or could it be that Hillary, not so long ago, pronounced NYPD officersí accused of violating a suspectís civil rights, guilty before trial? Her approach to members of law enforcement, I guess, is to hang them and then give them a fair trial. Most citizens of this country know that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Are New Yorkers angry because Hillary was probably behind the premature release of Puerto Rican terrorists? Or, maybe it was that very public kiss and hug offered to the wife of an international terrorist that tipped them off? And, didnít the Clinton White House play host to Gerry Adams, a well-known and very dangerous IRA terrorist? Maybe New Yorkers think Hillary may not be the best person to appear at an event staged to support victims of terrorism?

Hillaryís blind spot is not just politics. Hereís a woman getting paid more than 8 million dollars to recall what happened during her eight years in the White House. The real curiosity about that book deal is that for nearly a decade Hillary testified under oath that she could not recollect anything important at all. Now we are to believe that she will write an interesting, fact-filled tome about those very same years. How did she get her memory back?

Itís amazing she could not recall firing more than two dozen long-time White House employees, which were little old ladies in the Correspondence Office. I suppose they were in the way of Hillaryís ambition to staff the White House with unqualified, undignified political hacks. With Hillaryís guiding hand, the White House turned into a circus sideshow, plagued with moral and ethical problems instead of keeping the standard as the premier federal working office.

When she was finished with those brilliant moves, she ordered the firing of the White House Travel Office staff. To cover her reasons - to "get those slots" for her freak parade (to be fair, who else would work for this woman?) - she had her staff accuse them of federal crimes and was quite willing to see innocent civil servants off to the federal pen for getting in Hillaryís way.

Then her long time friend, and some say intimate confidant, died of an inflicted gunshot wound (self?), where upon Hillaryís staff vacuumed his office clean of incriminating and embarrassing documents that were found later in the Clintonís personal residence. But Hillary again claimed she had no idea how they got there, even under oath.

Recall also that Hillary "carefully" selected our new attorney general, insisting that the post be given to a woman. She proceeded to then embarrass all of womankind by first choosing one who knowingly violated federal immigration laws, coupled with another who skirted close to the same "nannygate" problems, but fell short of confirmation when certain U.S. Senators asked if they could review her alleged Playboy photo spread.

Finally, Hillary settled with "Janet, Janet from another planet" who will be best remembered as a below-average prosecutor from Dade County, Florida - who was a fierce opponent of religious sects and willing to burn down villages to save the children. Hillaryís DOJ friend and soul mate was also the nemesis of patriotic Cuban Americans who dared to harbor terrified boy refugees. Renoís fedís rushed their peaceful Little Havana neighborhood with rifles on full automatic, as well as a rifle butt "hello" for any news media brave enough to photograph Renoís Gestapo-like tactics.

Let me close by stating the obvious - that people who work for and around so-called powerful people have the ability to recognize the real thing from a phony. I donít know a law enforcement officer who respects Hillary Clinton. They resent her serial lies under oath, and understand how corrosive the "corrupted- powerful" can be to law and order. Is that why they hissed and booed Hillary?

No, their distaste goes far beyond that, and Iím not really sure one can actually put a finger on why Hillary is so disliked. Call it a copís instincts, if you like. Actually, who cares? Hillary will soon be history, and good riddance to the nightmare from Park Ridge.