The Aldrich Alert
Gary Aldrich

A Publication of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty

Liberalís Party - Conservatives Pick Up Tab

by Gary Aldrich
September 14, 2001 - Volume 1 Issue 41

Three full days have passed since the most outrageous act of terrorism in the history of the World. The clearance of the wreckage has just begun. Meanwhile thousands of innocent victims lie beneath smoldering rubble. It will take weeks until the last girders are lifted from sub-basements of the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.

We weep for the victims and pray that more of them can be found alive.

There will be no peace, and there will be no rest. Rescue workers toil to bring to us what they can, but most victims were reduced to ash, or destroyed beyond recognition by the compressions, the explosions, and the inferno that followed.

Fall rains will wash American blood and ashes down into the storm drains of New York City, and the essence of American lives lost will move down the Hudson River to the Atlantic Ocean, and be sent by the ocean currents around the globe. Their innocent blood will someday reach the shores of nations who nurture and harbor terrorists - to join the bombs that weíll send there soon to extract our retribution.

We now learn that these animals were trained on our soil. They attended flight training schools in the United States, and while they did they lived as our neighbors. Their children attended schools with our children.

They came across U.S. borders with "papers" that allowed easy entry, and exit. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of these terrorists here today. About 50 of them have surfaced to do these evils acts. The rest await orders from abroad.

I submit that these terrorists enjoyed more freedom and liberty than we did. After all, while we were being questioned about our baggage, X-rayed and searched, real criminals came and went as they pleased. And then these murderers boarded jetliners with their knives, phony bombs and threats. Grandmothers and teenagers presented photo IDs and put their keys and change in a dish, while extremely dangerous men carried on long distance conversations about jet fuel and potential body counts.

I hope now we will realize that combating terrorism with feel-good, symbolic gestures wonít work. Perhaps a significant number of our citizens are fooled, but the terrorists are smart. They laugh at our feeble attempts to create the illusion of safety.

They drive effortlessly through our cities and towns and eat our cheeseburgers, while we dodge concrete barriers, and walk around black metal pylons. We must go miles out of our way so that we can get from one end of the District of Columbia to the other. Thatís because Bill Clinton closed Pennsylvania Avenue to achieve a symbolic security everyone knew was as flimsy as your ordinary egg shell.

We, as a nation were led to believe that the Liberalís way of dealing with terrorism was preferable to the Conservativeís gut feelings. My friends know that the only effective way to deal with an obvious threat like the one weíre facing is to squash these bugs like a farmer would apply his boot to a scorpion - and for the same reasons.

Thatís because if you donít kill the damn thing, sooner or later you or one of your loved ones will be bitten.

We were even given a new set of "enemies" to consider. Call it a distraction. We were told that the real threat was not from some Islamic fundamentalists who vowed to commit terrorist acts to bring us to our knees. No, Bill Clinton and Janet Reno and their friends on Capitol Hill and in the media spoke as one voice about the home-grown threat posed by church-going Americans, protesting against partial birth abortion.

And then they demonized well-organized militia groups with - gasp - actual guns! who were complaining about Clintonís liberal agenda. They were considered suspicious because they expressed absolute disgust for our Commander in Chief.

I submit these same bearded, flannel-shirted "suspicious characters" are now running the backhoes and girder cutters in New York City, working around the clock until they drop from exhaustion, attempting to do what real Americans have always done.

Meanwhile, the "girly-men" Liberals and their strident molls scratch their heads and wonder how and why Tuesday happened. After all, werenít they nice to these terrorists? Didnít they display the correct amount of tolerance for another peoplesí religious beliefs? Didnít Hillary Clinton actually embrace and kiss Arafatís wife?

Yes, she did - and this is the thanks that she gets! Why, Hillary even helped release Puerto Rican terrorist bombers in a symbolic display of healing and forgiveness! Talk about being blind-sided after youíve gone out of your way to be nice!

Liberals are not the only ones blind-sided. Apparently, the FBI and CIA were absolutely clueless that the terrorists were here and had a well organized, well funded plan to commit the worst act of terrorism in our Worldís history.

Is it possible that the FBI was too busy keeping an eye on so-called "Domestic Terrorism" to notice? Could it be that the CIA was unable to penetrate this awful plan because a former Clinton appointee who happened to be the CIA Director, decided that CIA agents could no longer recruit spies who were suspected of illegal activity?

We are a country confused about our enemies, or what to do about them. Until now, we have not been able to decide a real threat from a paper tiger. Even when our embassies have been bombed, our Navy attacked, and our allies terrorized by the same religious fanatics, we have been unable to come to a solution. That is, until now. Now we get it. Now we see whatís real vs. whatís concocted for political gain. Somehow the terror of "air rage" takes on new meaning. So, now we will do the real work - of men - to protect our citizens "against all threats, foreign and domestic."

For eight long years the Liberals partied, and they have run up an enormous tab. Thousands of American lives have been cashiered for the Liberalís asinine, childish approach to national security. The warnings about their Age of Aquarius approach to the protection of our lives were being sounded as early as 1993. Clintonís participation in the unraveling of our nationís national security was well known by the summer of 1996. Still, so many of our citizens wanted to believe Bill Clinton.

There were many terrorist events along the way, some of them terrible to behold - but nothing was as horrible as this past Tuesday. Nevertheless, many Americans had already died at the hands of religious fanatics residing on foreign shores, coming and going from the U.S. whenever they pleased, photo IDs in hand.

The Liberalsí solution was always to "make nice" with terrorists, while whittling away at our liberties and freedoms with symbolic rent-a-cop checkpoints, laughable metal detectors and meaningless photo ID checks. Thank God adults have returned to our White House. Now, if only they can find a way to keep the Liberals at bay while a manís work finally gets done. Too late for the victims in New York and Virginia, Iím sorry to say.

Excuse me if I absent myself from the national political group-hug thatís going on. You see, I believe the Liberals are largely responsible for much of what happened Tuesday, and may God forgive them.

My job and the job of all Conservatives now, is to keep Liberals out of power as long as humanly possible. Our country is not safe when Liberals are in power. How much more evidence do we need?