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Gary Aldrich

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Bill Clinton Talk-Radio Show Only Urban Myth

by Gary Aldrich
August 30, 2001 - Volume 1 Issue 40

The recent rumor that Bill Clinton will become a radio talk show host must be pure urban mythology. This preposterous idea has to be a myth because talk show hosts have to work hard.

I believe Bill Clinton will never do real work a day in his life. Clinton will never hold down a regular job. Clinton will never show up on time, nor could he show up on a regular basis. Bill Clinton thinks having a job and a regular schedule is a lifestyle for "chumps" like you and me.

I saw the same attitude expressed by many of the criminals whom I interviewed and arrested over the years. In fact, several told me that it has been their life-long goal to fix things so that they would never have to "work" a single day their entire life. Many were able to pull it off without getting caught.

Of course, this meant that they constantly schemed to steal, con, lie, or do whatever else it took to get what they wanted. They adopted this approach to life early on, and never strayed from it. Many of these cons were likable people and were fun to have around, as long as you kept one hand on your wallet and an eye on your wife. The criminals I knew in my FBI career were very much like Bill Clinton, and these people exhibit nothing more than the behavior of a sociopath.

It makes perfect sense to sociopaths to live this way as long as they are not arrested or put into prison where they belong. Each and every day that they are allowed to walk the streets -- without having to do any real work -- is a reinforcement of their belief that the rest of us are simple-minded chumps, and that they alone are the smart ones.

I never met a Mafioso who did not think he was brilliant. I never met a con man that did not think the rest of us were the stupid ones.

Bill Clinton will never be a radio talk show host. Clinton is a con, and a leech and will walk - no, Bill Clinton will run away the second itís clear there is real work to be done.