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Praise the Lord, But Pass the Ammunition

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 1 Issue 26 November 13, 2000

Patrick Henry Center Quote of the Day:

"You mean to tell me that those old ladies in Palm Beach can play 15 Bingo cards simultaneously -- but can’t punch out a ballot??!"

Friends, I think you know by now what’s going on in Florida. It’s the hijacking of a future Bush Presidency by fraud, deceit, false allegation, and by any other means possible.

The Republicans have reacted predictably, whining about unfair tactics, while making vows that they won’t use the same offensive techniques used by the democrats. They are ready surrender before the first shots are fired.

Meanwhile, the real will of the people is trampled by the goose-stepping, hobnailed boots of the soldiers of the New-Left Democrats, who don’t give a hoot about justice, decency, truth or ethics.

Our side gives the impression of standing around, being blind-sided time after time, appearing helpless like little puppies, looking uncertain, seemingly unable to act swiftly or go on the offensive to save this presidential bid.

Why? Because they just don’t understand public relations, or the media. They have a real blind spot when it comes to the media, but they won’t admit it -- and they run off those who know that this is true and know how to help them.

Or, in the words of a Dr. Laura or even an Oprah, "They refuse to seek help for their very serious problem."

Oh, how we long for the likes of Ronald Reagan, and the many "warriors" who were part of his Reagan Revolution. You see, they knew what the stakes were, and they knew how to fight. They knew how to street-fight, and they knew how to connect with the general public.

While the New-Left has become even more battle-hardened, hungry for power, thirsting for victory, we’ve become like the Pacifists, acting more like Jimmy Carter’s limp-noodle-nerds than the patriots that each one of us know we really are in our hearts and souls.

When will it end? When will the GOP stand up and take a risk?

It took a Pearl Harbor to get the attention of the American people in a November long ago. I would strongly suggest that the actions of Gore and his DNC thugs in Florida is our Pearl Harbor. I believe this is our call to battle.

In my last cruise missile email, I apparently committed a sin. I described my feelings about prayer in a very clumsy way. There were many reactions to my email, mostly positive. But some were from good friends who have made a lifetime effort to get closer to God, and they were unhappy that I might suggest that we give up on prayer.

Just the opposite is true! We should pray often, and as bluntly and aggressively as we can. But, then we must act. Just as prayer alone would not get us past Pearl Harbor - prayers will not bail us out of this current assault on our liberty! So I say, "Praise the Lord, but pass the ammunition!"

A good friend of mine sent the following paragraph that better expresses my true feelings about God, and prayer, and with his permission I submit it now for your consideration:

"It is not enough to simply claim to stand on ’faith.’ The Book of James clearly admonishes that ’faith’ without accompanying action is actually deadfaith. We must be realistic about the present situation. In the words of thisorganization’s namesake, Patrick Henry, ’There is no retreat but in submissionand slavery! Our chains are forged!’

The Bible states that ’Righteousness exalts a nation.’ But can indifference and passive acceptance of evil be construed by any stretch as being ’righteousness?’ Are the chains of slavery and servitude the inheritance which we want to leave to our children? So pray by all means, but then act!"