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Gary Aldrich

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GOP Leadership: Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 1 Issue 25 October 25, 2000

For just a moment, letís get inside the head of any one of todayís typical liberal democrats:

They have no shame. They excuse oral sex in the Oval Office, and they excuse federal violations committed by any one of their leaders. They think that everything is fair, as long as they can win. They believe that politics is war, without the guns.

They donít care if you dislike them or disrespect them. They are not seeking your approval.

In fact, they hate you. You stand for traditional values. You crave and promote honesty. You are "old fashioned," out of step, boring, and a real "fuddy duddy." Youíre naive. You are intolerant. You hate gays and Blacks and Hispanics, and the homeless, and poor people, and you mean to destroy the environment. Thatís what they believe about you.

And they are going to stop you from having power, using any technique, any trick in the book.

They are in full battle mode right now.

Somewhere in Florida and Tennessee theíve set up "war rooms" to conduct a full scale attack on this election, and they mean to take victory away from George Bush no matter what they have to do to get it done.

You must stop hoping, wishing, or even praying. That will not help you now. There are no last minute horse soldiers coming over the ridge to rush to your rescue. God is not coming here to defend us against this attack. Besides, God helps those who help themselves! Pray if you wish, but then act!

You must understand that they will lie. They will bribe. They will accuse the Bush campaign of doing exactly what they themselves are doing, and they will not blush or be embarrassed to make allegations they know are absolutely false.

Even now they are laying a foundation for this bloodless coup. They have already told you that Al Gore will not concede. Al Gore has already told you that he will not concede. What more evidence do you need?

For their part, the GOP is already running for cover. With all the "foundation laying" going on right now by the Gore people to steal this election -- instead of Republican leaders going on the offensive, they are hiding under their beds, wringing their sweaty hands, having a phone conference call, or having a focus group, or a polling. They are doing everything except taking the offensive!

They are letting us down again!

After the sordid Lewinsky affair was discovered, the democrats had 8 months of absolute silence from the GOP during which time they successfully framed their argument that "it was only about sex." Thus the Impeachment was doomed to failure from the beginning because of the GOPís unbelievable "wimp factor."

The democrats will do it to us again, unless each and every one of us act now. Not tomorrow, not next week -- not after we wait to see what happens. We must act now!

Arenít our leaders ever tired of bending over and grabbing their ankles? Frankly, Iím embarrassed to watch them do it, over and over again. Will they ever stand up to be counted? Do they even know what courage is?

They must act now!

Illegal votes? What about the millions of illegal aliens who have been made into proper little democrats by the crooked Clinton INS? The democrats laugh when they recount that so many of their voters live in a graveyard. They think its funny! Voter fraud? They invented it, and they are the only ones doing it!

Why canít the GOP say something? Say anything! Lead, for Godís sake! Do what youíre getting big bucks to do! Fight for us, for our country! This is not just about politics, and if you donít understand that, please step aside.

Friends please, I beg you. Communicate with your leaders, your congressmen, your senators and your contacts and friends within the GOP and tell them this:

If they stand silently by and let Al Gore and the crooked democrats steal this election, then we will do what we have to do. We will storm the gates of the GOP at every level and we will overhaul this ineffective, bureaucratic, lackluster organization in ways that will shock even the most hardened democratic warriors. Tell them that even James Carville and George Stephanopoulos will be impressed at the political bloodbath that will take place if the GOP lets us down again.

Weíve had enough! Let the cry be heard all over this nation that the GOP must get its act together now! Everyone is thinking the same thing, but is too polite to say it, so Iíll say it -- this election should have been a slam-dunk!

Now weíre supposed to stand politely by and have this hard-earned victory snatched from us by school-yard bullies who have never grown up?

I donít think so, and hereís my message to the GOP:

Lead, follow, or get out of the way!