The Aldrich Alert
Gary Aldrich

A Publication of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty


Volume 1 Issue 19 June 28, 2000

Now Encouraging Other "Whistle Blowers" To Come Forward!

Missing Los Alamos hard drives, missing State Department briefcases and laptops, lost Gore e-mails, lost memories -- these types of security issues were predicted by Gary Aldrich, retired FBI Agent, in a best selling, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House.

Aldrich cautioned, "I warned Congress and the American public in 1996. They loved my book up on Capitol Hill, and they repeatedly mention the book as an "early warning signal" during their "show-hearings," but they havenít translated any of those warnings into real, significant action. It may be too late!"

Once again Gary Aldrich is taking matters into his own hands. Alarmed with the lack of meaningful response to the eight years of nonstop corruption of "this relativist administration," Mr. Aldrich has founded and created The Patrick Henry Center. This nonprofit foundation was created to help whistle blowers. "We prefer to call them íethical dissenters,í honest federal employees who have found themselves in a dishonest environment, very hostile to the truth," Aldrich explains.

To reaffirm this commitment Aldrich has launched Broadcast 2000 - a program designed to encourage and assist federal employees within the US government to come forward and offering a wide range of assistance.

Currently, Aldrich is bombarding the Nationís Capital with radio advertising and advanced technology to encourage, shame, or compel honest people to come forward. "When they do, we will help them, and we have the resources to do so," stated Aldrich.

"These people took an oath, under God and our Constitution to defend us against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Can anybody claim that a systematic destruction of the truth is not an enemy of the state?" asks Aldrich.

Over a career span of 26 years, Gary Aldrich spent the last five as an FBI agent serving in the Bush and Clinton administrations. In July 1996, Aldrich broke his silence in his best seller Unlimited Access. Currently, Aldrich continues to make television and radio appearances informing America that our security problems were predicted four years ago.