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Gary Aldrich

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Security Warnings Go Unheeded
Whatís Going On?

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 1 Issue 15

To have the ability to predict the future, but not be able to act when serious damage to oneís country is so obvious a potential, truly can be a curse:

Unlimited Access, page 38: "In the Clinton Administration, we had a major problem with interns walking off with Laptop computers." Page 36: "Federal employees were trying to find more than $150,000 worth of equipment lost or stolen from the (Clinton) inauguration"

Washington Post headline May 5, 2000: "State Department Missing 2 More Laptop Computers; Top Aide Involved."

Unlimited Access, page 67: "A related risk came from the new administrationís total disregard for the security of classified information. Just as they ignored the need for FBI SPIN investigations, so too did they deride the idea of needing security clearances to handle or read classified documents."

Alternatively, consider what is written on page 152: "I wonder if the Department of Justice or Congress knows that what this administration is doing is illegal? To me, itís a clear violation of national security, established standards of conduct, and Executive Orders of the president."

Insight Magazine article dated May 8, 2000: "FBI Probes Espionage at Clinton White House." The article details an investigation that was begun in late 1996 or early 1997 when the FBI received a tip from the CIA that a local telephone manager was acting suspicious. Before too much time had gone by, the FBI "discovered enough information to make it believe that, somehow, the highest levels of the State Department were compromised, as well as the White House and the National Security Counsel."

The FBI did not have to wait for a tip from the CIA! One of their own agents, working inside the Clinton White House, had warned them of a most serious security breach. The warning came in plain English, easy to understand: "The new phone system was a security nightmare. The old system was self-contained, manned twenty-four hours every day. The new system was computerized and, therefore, not self-contained." Page 47, Unlimited Access.

Many more details of the new, seriously flawed telephone system appeared in the manuscript of my book, submitted to FBI Headquarters for their review in the winter of 1995! The FBI forced me to redact important information that detailed the White House Telephone System national security weaknesses, citing concerns for national security. Apparently, their only concern was about the relationship between the FBI and a flawed, corrupted Clinton White House, because the FBI waited until the CIA discovered actual evidence of espionage before they conducted any investigation.

The FBI Director and his entire executive board decided that the best thing to do about my "embarrassing" book was to copy it, and to send a copy down to Bill Clintonís White House counsel, Jack Quinn!

Insight Magazine: "This is a very serious security failure with unimaginable consequences. Anyone could have accessed that and gotten into the entire White House phone system, and obtained numbers and passwords that we could never track!"


Call, e-mail or write to your congressman or senators, and local media outlets, today! Tell them that you think national security is vital, and that more attention should be given to this issue!