The Aldrich Alert
Gary Aldrich

A Publication of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty

Protect the Guilty, Punish the Innocent, and Receive Praise

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 1 - Issue 11

Kenneth Starrís OIC successor, the mysterious Mr. Robert Ray, has finally issued a report on "Filegate," but honest Americans are not going to be pleased with its contents or conclusions. However, the Washington Post is!

Nearly four years after the discovery that violations of privacy of more than 900 Americans in the FBI-file-stealing case occurred, Mr. Ray wrongly concludes the entire matter was caused by "the gross incompetence of the mid-level White House staff and the laxity of eager-to-please FBI officials."

Amazingly, he buys Hillary Clintonís story that she did not hire nor even recommend the hiring of Craig Livingstone! The gross incompetence here is not on the part of White House officials - itís on the part of Mr. Rayís office!

Credible organizations (among those, your Patrick Henry Center and its president) objective media, citizen activists and our sometimes effective Congress have uncovered massive evidence of wrongdoing and wholesale lying by the Clinton White House on a continuing basis. This alone makes the OICís findings ridiculous.

Furthermore, how Mr. Ray could find any former or current Clinton White House employee or resident more credible than your average FBI or Secret Service agent is a wonder to behold. Moreover, Mr. Ray missed or ignored important evidence, some of it very new - all of it very credible.

For example, I was the first to report to the public that Hillary hired Craig Livingstone, in my book, Unlimited Access (page 36) long before it was an issue. My partner, Dennis Sculimbrene wrote an official FBI report about Hillaryís connection way back in 1993, long before the true nature of the corruption of the White House was suspected.

Other federal agents made statements under oath to Congress, that the FBI files were obtained illegally, for no good purpose - and told of their knowledge of the hiring of Livingstone - that Hillary wanted him.

Which one of these credible witnesses appeared in Rayís grand jury? The OICís failure to obtain our sworn testimony now allows Ray to smear us - to punish us - by claiming Ms. Hillary, and a former bar bouncer, and a disgraced White House counsel, are credible, and by implication, we are not.

Of course Ms. Hillary, Mr. Nussbaum and Mr. Livingstone denied everything. So, there you are! Believe them - notorious in their ability to lie or spin the truth - or believe sworn, experienced, mature federal investigators. You choose. Mr. Ray made his choice - a horribly wrong one. But, why? Did he suspect James Carville was about to do to him what he did to Ken Starr? What else could possibly explain Mr. Rayís huge mistake? Did Mr. Ray make any of his decisions based on simple human fear?

He could not have made his decisions on the evidence. For example, we now know that a large number of Clinton White House e-mails that reference the Filegate scandal were hidden from investigators. According to one person who saw the e-mails, "if their incriminating contents became known, people in the Clinton White House could go to jail."

Mr. Ray torments us now with a fantasy! He says he is hiring new prosecutors to look at the possibility of charging a departing president. Can you imagine that after 8 years, with stale evidence, and aging memories any prosecutor would attempt to take on the Nationís slickest defendant? Please, Mr. Ray, save this nonsense for somebody who is inhaling!

"La La" residents of a fantasy land, and the Washington Post, are the only ones who could possibly believe Mr. Ray now. He - they, have no credibility and everybody knows it.

What a colossal, disgusting, wasteful failure!