Conservative Truth
They’re not Just Political Hacks; Now they’re Mind-Readers
Dr. Tom Barrett
Not only are Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler the most inept politicians in history. They now believe that they can impeach our president for what they think he thinks. I’m not kidding. Apparently they have been reading Orwell’s famous book, “1984.” Read more...
Bloomberg Accuses Him of Eating Democrats
Dr. Tom Barrett
Don't worry. That’s not shredded Democrat that the president is enjoying in his taco bowl. But according to the newest Democrat presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg, President Trump may soon be eating Democrats. Read more...
Special Commentary
Lloyd Marcus
Could I escape being bombarded with fake news in my car? No. Every news-break on the radio was crafted to imply that Trump is guilty of everything and Republicans are mean.

Clearly, there is a coordinated fake news media campaign to instill hatred for Trump, America, Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters, and straight white men. It is as if a daily memo is sent to Democrat media operatives. “Okay everyone, the phrase of the day is “Trump is an existential threat.” Every news broadcast finds a way to fit it in.  Read more...
Ed Delph
The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. A nun made a note, then posted it on the apple tray: “Take only one apple. God is watching.” Moving farther along the lunch line, at the end of the table, was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note: “Take all you want. God is watching the apples.”  Read more...
(...remember the Bizarro world of DC Comics?)
Don Boys, PhD
Thinking Democrats (the few remaining in a dying party) are panicking after hearing all their presidential candidates make promises to “give away the store” in their attempt to purchase votes. If those candidates had a family of cannibals in their district, they would promise to provide them missionaries for Sunday dinner.

Such action is comparable to the oldest profession in the world - you give me what I want and I’ll give you what you want. Shallow non-thinkers will give their votes to receive college loan forgiveness, free tuition, total gun confiscation, big tax increase, free medical care even for illegal aliens, open borders resulting in total dismantling of our culture, and on and on and on. Read more...
Criminals Will Run Wild
Bob Pascarella
There can be no plausible explanation, but there can be little doubt that the changes enacted have to be some of the most reckless and dangerous in this state’s history. By now most of you probably know what or who this brief introductory thought applies to. Yes, Democrats in their never-ending quest to impose on the American people their warped, twisted and insidious version of superior leadership and good governance. The party of infanticide, sanctuary cities, Medicare for all, open borders, tax increases, socialism, anti-Semitism, and free college tuition, has once again put forth for our perusal another what could be deadly legislation.
Jake MacAulay
This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. City of New York. The plaintiffs in this case are challenging New York City’s nearly complete ban on the transportation of firearms.  Read more...
Another celebrity demonstrates their intellect.
Bob McCray
Hollywood does it again, another celebrity genius delivers another juvenile statement. Actor and director, Rob Reiner who is famous for his role as ‘Meathead’ in the ‘All in the Family’ series, has likened supporters of President Trump to white supremacists. Reiner is not the first member of the Hollywood set to make idiotic remarks and call the average American juvenile names and insults. In 2017 actress Jennifer Lawrence implied that we are suffering the wrath of Mother Nature with Hurricane Irma because of Donald Trump.  Read more...
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